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Newsletter: Imbolc 2022

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A Bit about Imbolc:

Imbolc is nearly here. With the days becoming longer, the sun is indicating to the earth that it is nearly time for the snow to melt back into the ground to support the life that is waiting just under the surface. In other words, spring’s machinations will jump into action and start taking over from the harsh winter. Soon we will see the greenery return anew with fresh life.

In the Gaelic tradition, Imbolc is most often celebrated alongside a festival in honor of the pagan Goddess, Brigid. Brigid is often connected to the hearth, but she is often also connected to fertility, poetry, and crafts suggesting a strong association with creation and creativity. Brigid is also said to have two sisters who shared her same name (one associated with healing and the other of smithing). However, some suggest this is actually an indication that Brigid is a Goddess of triplicity.

Many who celebrate Imbolc will leave out milk, bread, and a candle as an offering in her honor.

An Imbolc Activity for a Green or Green Curious Witch:

Imbolc marks a time of stirring in the ground, when the greenery starts preparing itself for a glorious return.

Although many prepare for and celebrate Imbolc with crafts (commonly Brigid’s Cross) and cooking (especially bread) - both completely reasonable and traditional paths (which I will probably partake in as well) - it is also a time that often has me thinking about the garden and all of the things that will need to be done in the coming weeks.

For those who are able to plant their own food, herbs, etc. now is a great time to start thinking about and preparing for sowing. Many opt to start their plants indoors and transplant later, so the coming weeks are going to be optimal times to plan and prepare for growing your seedlings. For example, you might consider mapping out where you will place particular plants in your garden, ordering, taking stock of, and replenishing your supplies (e.g. seeds, garden tools, fertilizer), sitting down with a calendar to plan backwards from when you want to plant, to when you need to start them indoors, etc. All of this will ensure you are ready to start planting when the time is optimal and more easily set aside time to transplant outdoors.

Here is a checklist of the things we can do in preparation for the coming planting season:

  • Research and determine plants and plant pairings for this year.

  • Map out garden beds and other places you plan to plant. Where will you place particular plants? How many? What varieties? etc.. This can be as simple as a sketch on a piece of paper or as complex as a 3d rendering. Do what feels natural to you (but importantly what you have time for)!

  • Mark a calendar with approximate times for planting and re/planting each of your planned plants

  • Decide which plants you will start from indoors, which seeds directly in ground, and also which plants you might determine to purchase as seedlings to transplant.

  • Determine which seeds are "on hand" and what needs to be acquired (seeds & seedlings).

  • Account for any additional materials you may need (dirt, tools, etc.) and find time to dig them out of the garage, borrow them from a relative, or find them at the thrift store.

Working this in as a celebration of the stirrings of spring to come is a great way to recognize Imbolc and the cycles of life that bring us through the year.

However you choose to celebrate, we hope it brings you peace and renewal.

Shadow Work Prompt: Showing Up

In line with the ideas of renewal and rebirth, reflect on the ways in which you often “show up” or support others but fall short of applying the same grace and attention to yourself. How can you renew (or rebirth) your relationship with yourself in a way that allows you to “show up” or support yourself in ways that you so easily offer yourself up to others?

Midwest Witch Gear

Sam created an amazing "Midwest Witches" design which she just put up in her RedBubble! She has no idea I (Marilyn) am sneaking this into the newsletter! Check out her designs (I'm obsessed!) and show her some love if you can! 💕

Southern Hemisphere ShoutOut:

Blessed Lughnasadh to our friends in the Southern hemisphere! Feel free to check out the Lughnasadh newsletter we released when it was celebrated in the North. We hope you find it useful and love the activity. Blessed be, friends!


January 31 Put out New Moon Water (11:46 PM CST)

February 1 Start of Imbolc (Northern Hemisphere)

Start of Lughnasadh (Southern Hemisphere)

February 2 Imbolc ends (Northern Hemisphere)

Lughnasadh ends (Southern Hemisphere)

February 15 Put out Full Moon Water

February 16 Full Snow Moon (10:56 AM CST)

March 1 Put out New Moon Water

March 2 New Moon (11:34 AM CST)

March 17 Put out Full Moon Water

March 18 Full Worm Moon (2:18 AM CST)

March 20 Ostara begins (Northern Hemisphere)

Mabon begins (Southern Hemisphere)

** Indicates a possible episode of Midwest Coven Cast Presents: Weekend Reads. As we come near to the end of Agrippa’s book, we may or may not need this episode to finish reading the final book of Agrippa’s work. It just just depends on how the timing works out against the remaining text.

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