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Self-Love Spell Jar

I am often told that I am my own worst critic. It can be hard for me to hold myself up to any level of esteem. As a result, it is nice to have a small token meant to remind myself that I am both loved, worthy of love, and that I should also love myself.

This self love spell jar is meant to help remind myself of those very things.

What you'll need:

1 small jar with lid or cork (to hold your ingredients)

Incense Stick (for cleansing)

Himalayan Pink Salt


Rose Petals

Rose Quartz Chips

Pink Candle

Fire Mechanism/flame (lighter or match)

Building your Spell Jar

Light your incense stick using your fire* mechanism. After a few moments, blow out the flame. Place the smoking end of your incense into your jar, swirling as it fills with smoke. Once your jar is smoke filled, either put out the incense or feel free to continue to burn in a holder as you continue to build your jar.

First, pour in your Himalayan Pink Salt to help dispel negative energy and thoughts.

Second, add your Lavender for protection, happiness, and peace of mind.

Third, add rose petals for healing and love.

Last, add rose quartz chips for emotional healing, promote feelings of calm and peace, and inspire self-compassion

Once you have added each of your ingredients, close your jar (with a lid or cork). Using your fire* mechanism and light your pink candle. Drip the pink wax around the seal of your jar while reciting your intentions (either verbally or in the privacy of your mind):

"Every time this jar I feel or see,

I will remember I need to love me."

If small enough, keep the jar on your person. Alternately, keep the jar stored in a space where you will see it often and thus be reminded of the love you should hold for yourself. Repeat your intentions often to help in this reminder.

*ALWAYS exercise extreme caution when working with fire and NEVER leave burning items unattended!

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