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Newsletter: Mabon 2022

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The Fall Equinox & More

by Suzie

It’s that time of the year again and on September 22nd, 2022, here in the Northern Hemisphere we will be experiencing the autumn equinox and celebrating Mabon.

Equinox, meaning, “the time of equal days and nights” is one of the only two days of the year that the day and night are in complete balance. After the equinox, the days will begin to grow shorter and the nights will begin to grow longer.

Mabon, reminds us that nature itself is only in balance twice a year and allows us the comfort to reflect upon the fact that because we are all a part of nature that we too are not perpetually in balance, nor are we supposed to be.

This is also a time to celebrate transformation. The leaves begin to turn shades of red, orange, yellow, gold, and brown which are colors many people use to decorate their homes and altars with. Some other decorations traditionally used include horns of plenty, ivy vines, pine cones, gourds, apples, dried seed and pomegranates.

So let us give thanks for this seasons harvest by spending time with friends and family enjoying the outside, eating good food, and creating things together and remember to enjoy the forever changing states of nature that we all are and are a part of.

Blessed be!


Activity: Rhythm

by Marilyn

Sometimes it can be cathartic to move and make sound. Listen to your body. How is it telling you to move in space? What sounds, rhythms, or beats are you intuitively compelled to make? If you have small percussive instruments (bells, cymbals, tambourine, wood block, etc.), take them out and use them to aid in making rhythmic sounds to which you can move around. If you don't have any instruments but want to create some noise, consider what you have around that can work just as well (e.g. wooden spoon and a sauce pan).

If you have never done this before, you will almost undoubtedly feel a little silly at first, but getting in tune with our own natural rhythms and being more aware of our bodies’ own impulses can help us to understand ourselves and our needs both internally & externally and in the short & long term.

Shadow Work: Balance

By Marilyn

Balance is so important, yet we rarely ever are in a position to be completely balanced in all areas of our lives. Now, when the earth is coming back into balance between night and day, take a few moments to reflect on yourself and your circumstances. How have you been faring in keeping balance in your emotions, your relationships, work/life, habits, etc.? If there are areas in which you perceive an imbalance, what steps can you take to find a better equilibrium? Are there habits to change? Conversations to be had? Schedules to change? Etc.? Try to make yourself a plan of action to get things back into balance.

New Witchy Music

Many of you found us because of Marilyn’s “Witchy Shanty” from TikTok and supported her when she released her tune “Y.U.L.E.” So many of our witchy friends have supported the idea of (and inquired about) whether there would be any more music coming.

Well… The answer is YES!

Marilyn has a new song titled “Ritual” which will be released on major music platforms (e.g. Apple, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, etc.) and her Bandcamp account on the first day of Mabon (September 21).

The Yoga Experience

In “The Yoga Experience” (Midwest Coven Cast, S3E12), the coven dipped our toes into yoga. We each decided on one or two online tutorials to give the practice a try and learn just a little bit about what Yoga is all about. Here we would like to highlight some of the people the coven followed for our Yoga episode.

Sam tried Eclectic Kate who does yoga, but also sometimes includes “hooping” in their yoga flow.

Marilyn made sure to find a Yogi that could accommodate beginner movements for larger bodies and found a good fit in Edyn Loves Life.

Suzie attempted to find a flow that she could fit in with only a little time between toddler tending and landed on SarahBethYoga’s “10 minute morning Yoga for Beginners”.

YouTube Channel

Southern Hemisphere Shoutout: Ostara

Blessed Ostara to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. May the renewal of the earth come in due course. Check out the info and activities we shared here in the North from our turn through this phase of the wheel our Ostara 2022 Newsletter. For even more information, you can check out our 2021 Ostara Newsletter.


September 21 Mabon Begins

MCC Season 3, Episode 13 (FINALE)

“Ritual” by Marilyn Marinn on major music platforms

September 22 Fall Equinox (Northern hemisphere)

Sprint Equinox (Southern Hemisphere)

September 25 NEW Moon (4:54pm CST)

September 29 Mabon Ends

September 30 WR Season 3, Episode 13

October 9 FULL Hunter’s Moon (3:54pm CST)

October 14 WR Season 3, Episode 14

October 24 Put out New Moon Water

October 25 NEW Moon (5:48am CST)

October 28 WR Season 3, Episode 15

October 31 Samhain

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