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Newsletter: Ostara 2022

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A Most EGGS-celent Time of the Year

Eggs are a hugely popular symbol for the holiday Ostara. Of course, many often think about them in the context of the (now) largely Christianized holiday of Easter (whose connections to and distinctions from Ostara were discussed briefly in last year’s Ostara newsletter). But with all of these egg symbols weaving their way through our lives right now, I thought it might be beneficial to discuss some of the different uses eggs have in magical practices.

Certainly one of the most common uses for eggs is in the form of Kitchen witchery (& cooking). Eggs are strongly related to the idea of manifestation. Some will imbue (or “fertilize”) their egg with their intentions. To do this one can write directly on the shells or write out their wishes on paper and let the egg rest on the note for awhile. Many will then add their well intentioned eggs to a dish and consume them to internalize the idea or situation they are attempting to manifest.

Outside of kitchen witchery, similar practices can take place. Some, instead of ingesting the egg, will, after charging it with intention, put the egg to the ground (planted somewhat like a seed) to draw energy around a certain locale having to do with your desired manifestation. Others will crack open the egg (almost as a symbol of birth) to set their intention free to symbolize the beginning of the manifestation process.

Egg shells are another common ingredient used for witchcraft. As egg shells serve the purpose of protecting the embryo (or yolk) as it develops within, likewise the shell often serves as an important protective ingredient in spellwork. Many will also use shells for practical purposes like adding nutrients to their plants (both indoor and out), adding to the cycle of life that eggs so often represent.

It is important to note that although using egg shells in and of themselves is alright, it is also good to be aware that there are some closed practices that utilize crushed egg shells as well (e.g. Hoodoo, Brujeria, etc.), often referring to them as cascarilla or efun – each of which are created not just through crushing egg shells but also undergoing certain other spiritual work before the ingredient is actualized. If you are shopping for pre-made ingredients or attempting to make your own, it is best to be aware as not to be (potentially harmfully) culturally appropriative.

Clearly, eggs are an incredibly flexible ingredient and this post has only scratched the surface of their many uses in magical practices. For example, I haven’t even touched on the popular practice of oomancy (a form of divination). Perhaps next Ostara will be a great time to dive deeper into this and the many other egg-celent uses for eggs for those on a magical path.

Eggs of Intention

To celebrate Ostara this year and still incorporate a favorite childhood tradition, we have chosen to color eggs this year (and do our annual egg hunt). However, instead of coloring our eggs without intention (i.e. for decor purposes only), we are going to create “eggs of intention.”

I created a color wheel that has a range of intentions associated with each color. When we create our eggs, we will use the colors to make eggs that align with the intentions we wish to create. For example, I am going to create an egg that incorporates red, pink, and purple to represent passion, love, and higher self.

What color mixtures will you use to create the eggs of intention that you desire?

Shadow Work Prompt: New Life

At the beginning of the year we tend to set New Year’s resolutions for ourselves but by this time of the year many of us have dropped them. During Ostara we begin to think of growth and new beginnings again and the spring tends to bring with it an energy that rejuvenates us and inspires us to do things again. Are there any New Year’s resolutions you wanted to achieve this year but let fall off to the wayside? What actions can you begin to take to realign yourself with this goal and set you back on track? What might have caused you to get off track? What was at the root of that issue? How might you avoid that fate this time around?

Guess Who's Back for Season 3?!?

We know it has been awhile since a new episode of Midwest Coven Cast has wriggled its way to your eardrums, but soon the wait will be over! Midwest Coven Cast, Season 3 will start Wednesday, April 6 with bi-weekly episodes.

Midwest Coven Cast Presents: Weekend Reads will also return for season 3 with a new “podiobook” to round out your occult knowledge on Friday, April 15th (also with bi-weekly episodes).

We hope you will be "tuning in" this season!!

Consider Supporting Your Midwestern Witches

The coven has debated for some time about utilizing a platform to collect monetary support from our listeners, readers, and extended coven. Collectively, we would love to be able to spend more time and commit more resources to Midwest Coven Cast (and the plethora of projects we currently produce and would also like to produce in the future). However, because this has been almost exclusively a passion project for the three of us, it has been hard to commit as much time, money, energy, etc. to the project as we would like.

That’s where you can help!

We have started a Patreon with varying levels of support to simultaneously grant each of our supporters the level of access they would like (and also feel comfortable contributing) while also allowing the coven to explore an array of new and improved content for our followers.

As always, we thank you so much for your support and hope you will continue to join us as we move forward with our podcast(s) and expand into new creative and educational horizons.

Southern Hemisphere Shoutout: Mabon

Blessed Mabon to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. May the autumnal equinox and the harvest that comes with it be bountiful. Feel free to check out the Mabon newsletter we released for Mabon 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere for more information about the holiday and some activities..


March 18 Full Worm Moon (2:17am CST)

March 20 Ostara Begins

March 21 Ostara Ends

March 31 Put out New Moon water

April 1 New Moon (1:24am CST)

April 16 Full Pink Moon (1:55pm CST)

April 30 New Moon (3:28pm CST)

May 1 Beltane Begins

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