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Marilyn’s Sweet Dreams Simmer Pot

Sometimes it is nice to create a relaxing aroma throughout your home to get you ready for a good sleep.

The following simmer pot is a blend meant to give a restful sleep, filled with vivid dreams.

What you will need:

A large stove top pot

Overripe Oranges – for compelling and vibrant dreams

Cinnamon Sticks – to clear your mind of negative energies

Rosemary – to help you remember your dreams

Lavender – to help you relax

Sage – to bring clarity and wisdom

Water – You can certainly use regular water here, but you can also choose to use one of any variety of witchy-waters (e.g. moon, sun, water, snow, etc.) to add an additional twist on your simmer pot.

To get started, fill your pot approximately 1/2-3/4 full of the water of your choice. Then add all of your dry ingredients (while setting your intentions for a night of dreams).

Turn your stove to “HIGH”

Once the mixture begins to bubble/lightly boil, turn your stove down to “SIMMER” or “LOW”

Be sure to closely monitor your simmer pot and add additional water to the pan once it starts to get low. Never let the water completely run out!

Be sure to turn off your stove once you are finished (or plan to go to go to bed).

BONUS TIP: Because each of the ingredients is also edible, I will on occasion, strain the mixture through a coffee filter and drink the remaining tea just before turning in for the evening. Feel free to add a bit of honey or cream/milk to taste.

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