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Newsletter: Beltane 2021


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About Beltane

by Suzie

Because I am new to Paganism, writing this section in our newsletter has really allowed me to explore much more about the history surrounding the Sabbats and the significance behind the ways we celebrate today. Please note that I am located in North America and celebrate according to the seasons as they occur here.

The word Beltane is broken down into 2 parts: “Bel” referring to a Celtic Sun God, and “tane” (or in Gaelic, “teine”) which means fire. Thus, Beltane translates to “bright fire.” This is why many Pagans celebrate by having Fire Festivals on May 1st where they light bonfires to dance around as they honor the brightest fire we know, the Sun. Some festivals have fire dancers or even burn effigies.

Beltane is also referred to as May Day and is often celebrated through giving gifts of plants and flowers. “May baskets” containing flowers and gifts of goodwill are prepared by some celebrators and given to those in need; such as the elderly or someone who might be sick.

This time of the year was known as Floralia in ancient Rome and was celebrated the first 3 days in May. People would wear flowers in their hair and participate in communal dancing, such as Morris dancing, feasting, games, and role playing. Ancient Pagans created a tradition during Beltane known as “Jack in the Green” where they would decorate themselves with greenery and flowers, much like we do today with flower crowns.

Another very common symbol associated wtih May Day is the May Pole. These are typically decorated with flowers and greenery and have various colored ribbons tied to the top for the participants to hold on to as they dance around the pole creating different patterns in the ribbon around the pole as they go.

Celebrating Beltane brings a sense of appreciation for the cyclical nature of the seasons and helps us connect to our environment and to each other as a community.

[1] <a href="">Beltane Facts & Worksheets:</a> - KidsKonnect, April 27, 2020



Beltane Fun for All

by Suzie

Although the actual tradition is to create a life-sized maypole for children to dance around while holding long ribbons, I do not have the ambition to make a life sized one. I honestly don’t think my kid would have been able to hold onto a ribbon and walk in a pattern of any kind yet anyways. So, this year I decided to make a mini maypole wand for her instead. This was a fun way to celebrate the tradition without having to go all out and spend a day going to the hardware store trying to play carpenter. 😂 If your kids are a bit older than mine, making this craft with them would be a fun way to celebrate and connect with them. It gives you an opportunity to teach them a bit about the tradition and allows them to be creative and make something with their own style.

For Safety: This craft includes small parts and the use of a hot glue gun so adult supervision is required and the end product should be used under observation (particularly with little ones).

What you’ll need:

Dowel Rod

Spray Glue


Ribbon (multiple colors)

Thumb Tack


Topper (can be replaced with whatever you have handy pom poms, flowers, tie a bow with the ribbon, etc.)

Glue gun, Glue Sticks (not pictured)

Paper plate (not pictured)

Step One: Glitter (optional)

(Over a paper plate)

Spray one end of your dowel rod with spray glue

Sprinkle glitter onto glue (roll around in excess glitter on plate)

Step Two: Ribbon

Cut strips of ribbon slightly longer than the dowel rod (the colors and amount of ribbon can vary according to your preferences)

Center and layer the ribbons on top of eachother

In the center, pierce all layers of ribbon with the thumbtack

Push thumbtack into the end of the dowel rod with the glitter on it

Spread out ribbons

Step Three: Topper

Add topper of your choice to the top above the ribbons

Use a hot glue gun to secure topper and ribbon to the dowel rod

Step Four: Play

Use like a magic wand

Use for ribbon dancing (if ribbons are kept longer during construction)

Wrap the ribbons in fun patterns and braids around the rod

Put on your altar in honor of Beltane


Shadow Work: Managing Passions

by Marilyn

Beltane is a time to consider matters of passion. Passion can be a powerful emotion and help bring about a lot of joy, but can also run the risk of becoming a distraction or sole focus in our lives. Our relationship with, and management of our passions can be a tricky business. Thus, it benefits us to understand our connection with our greatest passions.

Consider the following questions to reflect on the impact your passions have on your life and how you tend to manage them.

What is something about which you are passionate but afraid to pursue? Why does it scare you? What is something good that could happen if you pursued this course? What is the worst that could happen? How might each of these consequences align with your personal values or personal code? How has this impacted your decisions to avoid this particular passion?

What is something about which you are passionate but to the point it is a vice? From where does this passion come? What satisfaction does this passion bring you that you find hard to control or limit? What impacts has this passion had on you personally (health, mental health, relationships, financial, etc.)? What would change if you were able to better manage this challenge? What would need to happened for you to feel better able to manage this passion?


Southern Hemisphere

by Marilyn

As we in the northern hemisphere celebrate Beltane , it can be easy for us to forget that the Southern Hemisphere is on the opposite side of the calendar than we are. Their seasons are opposite and so too are their celebrations. We want our international friends, particularly those in the southern hemisphere to know we wish them a blessed Samhain.



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